Saturday, December 22, 2007


What does the title of this article mean? Simply that GLOBAL WARMING is the "effect," OVERPOPULATION is the "cause."

Well, perhaps not so simple because, for the most part, this truth is blithely ignored by the world at lodge. So what! you say?

Sorry, but here I must give you the bad -- nay dire -- news: Because nobody can, or has yet made a better than rough estimate of it, we don't really know if we have not already passed the point of no return. I certainly hope not.


I have two lovely daughters and one grandchild and their families, and hope they don't read this article and get very depressed but this issue calls for truth. I, myself, at age 92 have little to lose. But forgetting about family for the moment, can you imagine, feel, deep in your bones the calamity of the end of civilization? Of course some can take satisfaction knowing that the "lower animals" will survive. It gives me little pleasure.

Armageddon is a suitable name for T.P.O.N.R.

Malthus was right but even he could not have forseen what is happening now.